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Pray It Forward

Jewish Community Helps survivors of Lawrence fire that killed mother and 3 kids

I love hearing stories about communities reaching out to each other, regardless of race or religion.  Even in these times of economic instablilty, people are still digging into their pockets to give what they can to help.

This story is another example of how social media can link the good in us together. For more on this story go to Jewish Breaking News.


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I’m A Fan of Nachum Segal, Are You?

DAY 1 of the Marathon is on the air!!! Call now at 1-800-989-9368(WFMU)!!! Pledge online by clicking  here  I just created a Nachum Segal Fan Page on Facebook, join and share with your friends!!

If you enjoying listening to JM in the AM livestream as much as I do, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to help keep the show alive! My DH listens on his way to work while I listen in the kitchen feeding the kids breakfast. Fortunately, I can listen whenever I want to from the computer on JM 24.

And while Nachum’s dedication to Jewish music and culture has been nothing if not unshakeable, he’s complemented that reliability with innovations that have brought JM in the AM to listeners the world over, starting a 24 hour music stream, a popular online community calendar and more.

Rumor has it that he’s recently started DJ’ing with a laptop computer. But I’ll believe that when I see it.

The one thing that could shatter the stability of JM in the AM—both its spirit and its bankbook—would be a significant drop in listener contributions during our annual fundraising marathon.

The economy claimed one of WFMU’s most crucial allies last year—the New Jersey restaurant that’s rented us space for our 91.1 FM transmitter since 1970. We’ve been given until the end of 2009 to relocate the transmitter, at which point our monthly rent will increase 500%.

At the same time, another deadline looms. We need to complete work on our new transmitter in Times Square by this August or we lose the chance to improve our over-the-air coverage.

Thanks for being there for us year after year. Hope we’ll hear from you as we start the second quarter century of JM in the AM!

Ken Freedman, Station Manager 120nach (send email)

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Synchronized Shabbas Naps

Do you like to nap? Do you ever get a chance to just put your feet up and read in silence? If not, you probably know what you’re missing, rest.

When I was single, I spent Shabbos going out to families, attending Onegs, Shiurim, Shalosh Seudot, and Maleva Malkahs. Every Shabbos was booked with so much that I never even had time for napping. Even when I was dating, I had such shpilkes I couldn’t nap. Once I got married, I fully appreciated Shabbas Menucha. And, Baruch Hashem, with the new baby, I couldn’t wait for that Shabbos nap.

This is not always easy to accomplish, nor does it always work out the way it should. Today, things went so smoothly. I managed to nap for 3 hours (now I’m sitll up and it’s 3 am, ouch). B’H”, everyone snoozed, it was a win win.

Even if you get just 20 minutes to nap, this is key to overcome sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that 39 percent of Americans average less than seven hours of sleep each night. We all can relate, but that doesn’t mean it is good for us. Lack of sleep can bring on health issues and affect daily responsiblities such as driving, working, and taking care of kids. Women are twice as likely to encounter sleep issues that men.

Next Shabbos, make an attempt to get some rest. If you have guests for lunch, excuse yourselves, they will understand. If you have babies and toddlers, try to eat lunch by 11:30, and nap everyone by 12:30. We always tell the girls, ages 4 and 2, that they will wake up and have a Shabbos party. This doesn’t always work, but this Shabbos we were tripely blessed. On that note, I’m tired, time to sleep.

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You Should Eat And Be Gluten-Free

We all love to eat, but eating healthy is even better. Eating healthy and kosher, the best. This past Shabbos, I was once again enjoying my silence while reading the  Jewish Press. I started to get really hungry while I was reading about gluten-free challah muffins. Yum. Find out where you can find these delicious muffins at Kosher Naturals Bakery.

Just heard of another great bakery with delicious gluten-free cookies, cakes, muffins, and grahm crackers. You must  check out Josef Gluten Free Bakery. If you order the food today, it will be at your doorstep tomorrow. The story of how it got started is very interesting as well. Enjoy!!!

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Girls Nosh Out At Jewish Music Cafe

If you’re in the mood to get out and hear some music, there is something you might want to hear tomorrow night, Sunday, February 22, at 7:30 pm.  Michele Garner, a.k.a., the “Rockin’ Rebbetzin,” and voice behind the Kol Isha Show will be hosting the third Kol Isha concert at the Jewish Music Cafein Park Slope, Brooklyn. The cost of this event is $12. Performers include Rivkah K., Rachel Ravitz, and Shoshana Rivkah from Jerusalem.

So, hang up your apron and put down that flour (we know that you’re planning on making some hamantashan). Go grab some decaf with the girls and enjoy the music.

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Did You Hear About

Just heard of a new magazine

ShALom! This “mini” magazine’s goal is to help Jewish women Thrive by increasing enthusiasm & commitment to physical fitness & health, thereby enhancing our complete well-being in body, mind, & soul.  Thrive is a community collaboration of women, girls, and professionals sharing camaraderie, inspiration, information, and  ideas.  Print & Enjoy!

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You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Buy Kosher Food

I was enjoying some very relaxing Shabbos moments reading the Jewish Press when I came upon a very interesting article in the Kosher Food section.  In a recent national survey by Mintel , 13% of respondents expressed that they buy kosher food.  Who knew? Why Kosher? According to the results of the survey, also available at  , people from all backgrounds are purchasing kosher food because of the food quality (62%) or for general healthfulness (51%). This result I found most astonishing, as many a relative of mine (non-kosher) declared that kosher food is just fattening and unhealthy.  Well, I’ve got news for you. Times have changed, and so has kosher food. In fact, Kashrus agencies are paying increased attention to the growing demand by consumers for both kosher and organic certifications on the same label. As a result, a company, Kosher Organics, has set out to  guarantee the strictest level of kashrus and that its products are either certified organic or 100% natural.

As a kosher consumer with healthy food as a top priority for my family, we are excited about the new products on the horizon.  You don’t have to be Jewish to love kosher. You can be a vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or gluten free family, we’re all in the green together.

So, where can we find these kosher products? According to the results of the Mintel survey, your neighborhood supermarket, or superstore is the primary source for kosher food. Which ones?( 40%) of the respondents by kosher food at Wal-Mart. (55%) of kosher food buyers need their local retailers to provide more kosher varieties.

Where do you buy your kosher food? If you would like to see more kosher options, contact the general make a request. In this tough economy, they can’t afford not to listen, they need you.

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