You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Buy Kosher Food

I was enjoying some very relaxing Shabbos moments reading the Jewish Press when I came upon a very interesting article in the Kosher Food section.  In a recent national survey by Mintel , 13% of respondents expressed that they buy kosher food.  Who knew? Why Kosher? According to the results of the survey, also available at  , people from all backgrounds are purchasing kosher food because of the food quality (62%) or for general healthfulness (51%). This result I found most astonishing, as many a relative of mine (non-kosher) declared that kosher food is just fattening and unhealthy.  Well, I’ve got news for you. Times have changed, and so has kosher food. In fact, Kashrus agencies are paying increased attention to the growing demand by consumers for both kosher and organic certifications on the same label. As a result, a company, Kosher Organics, has set out to  guarantee the strictest level of kashrus and that its products are either certified organic or 100% natural.

As a kosher consumer with healthy food as a top priority for my family, we are excited about the new products on the horizon.  You don’t have to be Jewish to love kosher. You can be a vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or gluten free family, we’re all in the green together.

So, where can we find these kosher products? According to the results of the Mintel survey, your neighborhood supermarket, or superstore is the primary source for kosher food. Which ones?( 40%) of the respondents by kosher food at Wal-Mart. (55%) of kosher food buyers need their local retailers to provide more kosher varieties.

Where do you buy your kosher food? If you would like to see more kosher options, contact the general make a request. In this tough economy, they can’t afford not to listen, they need you.


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