Synchronized Shabbas Naps

Do you like to nap? Do you ever get a chance to just put your feet up and read in silence? If not, you probably know what you’re missing, rest.

When I was single, I spent Shabbos going out to families, attending Onegs, Shiurim, Shalosh Seudot, and Maleva Malkahs. Every Shabbos was booked with so much that I never even had time for napping. Even when I was dating, I had such shpilkes I couldn’t nap. Once I got married, I fully appreciated Shabbas Menucha. And, Baruch Hashem, with the new baby, I couldn’t wait for that Shabbos nap.

This is not always easy to accomplish, nor does it always work out the way it should. Today, things went so smoothly. I managed to nap for 3 hours (now I’m sitll up and it’s 3 am, ouch). B’H”, everyone snoozed, it was a win win.

Even if you get just 20 minutes to nap, this is key to overcome sleep deprivation. Studies have shown that 39 percent of Americans average less than seven hours of sleep each night. We all can relate, but that doesn’t mean it is good for us. Lack of sleep can bring on health issues and affect daily responsiblities such as driving, working, and taking care of kids. Women are twice as likely to encounter sleep issues that men.

Next Shabbos, make an attempt to get some rest. If you have guests for lunch, excuse yourselves, they will understand. If you have babies and toddlers, try to eat lunch by 11:30, and nap everyone by 12:30. We always tell the girls, ages 4 and 2, that they will wake up and have a Shabbos party. This doesn’t always work, but this Shabbos we were tripely blessed. On that note, I’m tired, time to sleep.


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