4 Weeks Until Passover

If you’ve avoided the topic of cleaning for Passover, your local grocery retailer will remind you. Yes, they’ve arrived, Kosher for Passover food products, and they’re on the shelves right now.

Jewish people aren’t the only ones excited about this, in fact, most people with an appreciation for natural sweeteners will fall in line with the rest of us. Why? There has been a lot of buzz about the Kosher for Passover coke   Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have shared and tweeted Kosher for Passover because, it’s healthier? Yes. If you  are not a fan of HFCS (HighFructose Corn Syrup) this coke was made for you.

So why is the coke we drink on this night different from all other nights? Corn and anything derived from (HFCS) it is not acceptable during Passover.  Hence, only Coke made from real sugar would be permitted during Passover.

Keep up to date with more Kosher for Passover products at the OU (Orthodox Union) website, Kosher for Passover food. Excited about a certain Kosher for Passover product that taste better during Passover, please leave a comment below.


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