Look Who’s Keeping Kosher in Chollywood

I have always had an interest in Jewish celebrities, because long before they were celebrities, they were Jewish kids like you and I once were.  Did Adam Lambert celebrate Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Passover? Did David Schwimmer sing the four questions at the Passover meal? Did Jami Gertz Light the Chanukah Menorah? Have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Maybe the reverse happened, i.e., they grew up Jewish but only later in life decided to observe holidays, Kashrut, Shabbos, and/or Tahara Mishpacha (laws of family purity). Are any Challiwood Jews keeping kosher?

In a recent post on Jewcy.com, Matthue Roth shared his recent interview with Jewish actor,  Mayim Bialyik,   (Blossom) and she shared with him her connection to her Jewish roots. And, yes. She takes a dunk in the mikveh once a month (Tahara Mishpacha).   As a Baale Teshuva, I am facinated on the subject of why Jewish actors are digging up their Jewish roots and re-planting them very near and dear to their own lives.

Read more about Mayim Bialik and her Jewish re-discovery here. You can also find an entertaining article on how Mayim met up with one of her Blossom fans to study Torah and become friends at JewInTheCity.


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One response to “Look Who’s Keeping Kosher in Chollywood

  1. homeshuling

    Thanks so much for that link! I didn’t even watch Blossom more than once or twice, but I love knowing that she’s observant.

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