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I Am Going To Enhance My Kosher Knowledge This Summer In NY

Food, glorious food. Yes, it is no secret that I love anything and everything to do with kosher food. On any given day, you will find “kosher” as one of the columns in my, which I use to keep up with the twitterverse. If you’re not familiar with this application, please check out It enables me to view every comment that includes  “kosher” in the 140 character comment. It is interesting to see how many people use the word “kosher” to describe the difference between good and bad, for example, this tweet came up recently, “Cutting corners is one thing, but putting water in the liquid soap dispenser when it’s empty is NOT kosher”. While tweetdeck is keeping the kosher tweets up to date, I click over to and see what is happening with some of my favorite kosher brands, like, Empire Kosher, Sabra, Larabar, Gerber, and Snapple  just to name a few.  There are so many kosher brands that I love, and most recenlty, I fell in love all over again when I read that Gerber has ten great tasting flavors certified by the Orthodox Union (OU): Applesauce, Pears, Bananas, Apple Strawberry Banana, Apple Blueberry, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Squash, Green Beans and Peas. This just in from Empire Kosher, today they announced that they will expand antibiotic free and organic poultry lines. “This is so good to know about, and I totally appreciate the up to date information provided by the Orthodox Union.

Women have always been the family member behind the savory soups and fresh baked challah before Shabbos (you haven’t been to my house, it’s my mensch of a husband behind all of that). Soon there will be more women behind the scenes of kosher cuisine.  In fact, the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Yosef Grossman, Director of OU Kosher Education, will be hosting such a program later this summer.

The following description of this course can also be found by clicking this link. I have summarized some of the reasons why I would love to attend this conference. Once I fell in love with kosher food (I am a Baale Teshuva and I started keeping kosher exclusively 8 years ago) I had to inform my friends and family members about what makes food kosher and not kosher. I have tried to explain the technicalities and practices of kosher law, but I was leaving phone calls here and sending emails there, and it was getting way too complicated. I would end up referring people to the Orthodox Union website in hope that they would find information that would answer their questions. Nevertheless, I would have loved to have had more detaisl for them back then. Not to worry, questions concerning kosher food will never cease and I am so thankful that from August 24-28, OU Kosher will offer a special kashrut course specifically geared for women. Baruch Hashem. In the course, according to Rabbi Grossman, participants will enhance their kashrut knowledge and skills by “hands-on” instruction from OU experts, as well as from OU instructional DVD’s in areas of kosher food management such as checking vegetables for insects; Hafroshat Chalah (the separation or tithing of challah); blood spots in eggs; shaylos (or questions) dealing with chickens which should be brought to a Rav for a psak (halachic decision); meat and dairy control; identifying and purchasing kosher fish; and becoming an educated kosher consumer. They will go on field trips to OU certified factories, hotel kitchens and food service establishments which, Rabbi Grossman said, will give participants “an appreciation for the complexities of modern day kashrut.” The students will tour OU Kosher, meet its rabbinic staff – both those who are based in the OU office (rabbinic coordinators) and those who work outside (rabbinic field representatives) – and come away with a heightened sense of how kashrut operates commercially and in the home. “The course will go into the home kitchen as well,” Rabbi Grossman said, “for proper control of a kitchen requires extensive kashrut knowledge.” Rabbi Grossman and his colleagues “have spent much time and thought on how to structure this special week,” he said, recognizing the uniqueness of the audience and determined to provide the best program possible. The course will be limited to about 20 participants, and is intended to serve the needs of “a large spectrum of women.” I just found out today that I will be attending this event!  You can follow me as on twitter as I take in al of this

What does a stay-at-home-mom blogger want this for? There are so many reasons, but most importantly, I would like to be an advocate for kosher food and properly respond to the questions I am frequently asked by my non-kosher keeping friends and family. It’s not you, it’s me. I have committed to a kosher lifestyle 8 years ago, and I’m sticking to it.



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Kosher BBQ At POMEGRANATE Was Smokin’ Hot

450pomegranate-logo450pomegranate-logoThis was just the event I wanted to attend, but you know the saying, “man plans and G-d laughs”.  That’s what happened when my 2 year old spiked a fever at 4:00 in the afternoon and my 1 year old son had a fever soon after. So, here I was at home dreaming about the delicious BBQ and “grilling tips” at Pomegranate in Brooklyn. I was very happy to hear that the event was a big success and over 200 shoppers from near and far tasted some delicious food, presented and prepared by the talented staff at Pomegranate.  

The Pomegranate valet parking lot comfortably accommodated the attendees as they watched a live demonstration of BBQ techniques.  Jason Beck, a Pomegranate chef,  while the crowd savored the results. 

Pomegranate is happy to provide our shoppers with the ultimate shopping experience,” says Mayer Gold, Pomegranate’s General Manager. From the time a shopper pulls into the valet parking, they receive an exceptional level of service while being presented with the highest quality and variety of products available. This is a dream come true. Frequent maintenance and re-stocking ensures that the store is kept in pristine condition, while knowledgeable Pomegranate employees roam the aisles in search of customers they can assist. Somebody pinch me! It is so great that Pomegranate gets what the customer wants. 

 From the time Pomegranate opened its doors less than a year ago, they have not only attracted the Kosher Brooklyn community, but shoppers from all over the tri-state as well as varying backgrounds have become regular shoppers. One woman explained that although she doesn’t adhere to the dietary laws of kosher, she still makes the one-hour trip from Brighton Beach because, “Pomegranate carries everything I’m looking for and am interested in.” This makes me so incredibly excited, as kosher food has had a bad rap for way to long. This is just one example of how the kosher food industry has made efforts to “cut the fat” out. 

Keep an eye out for more semi-weekly events from Pomegranate this summer including celebrity chef visits, instructional cooking tips and a one year anniversary event in August. I am so going to be there!

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