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Queens Kosher Consumers Get Ready To Check-Out Aron’s Kissena Farms Supermarket

One of the main reasons why my husband and I chose to live in Kew Gardens Hills, NY, was becaue of the number of kosher food options available. Since we’ve moved here five years ago, this number continues to increase. This week, Aron’s Kissena Farms will be celebrating their Grand Opening with incredible specials this Tuesday, February 2nd. These specials will last thru Thursday, February 11, 2010. Aron’s Kissena Farms is Located at 72-15 Kissena Bllovd., Flushing, NY 11367. There will be no shortage of free parking-in the 400-car parking lot-so you can shop like a mensch.  Customers will kvel over the new interior-designed by noted architect Dinesh Doshi who also designed ShopRite, Acme, Pomegranate and Lowes-a welcome improvement to the previous appearance of Kissena Farms.

The price is right, also. My husband has already given the meat prices a big thumbs up-Grade A Whole Chicken for $1.39 Lb.-get them while you can. This store is arriving just in time for people to start stocking up on food for their Purim Seudah (meal) and Kosher for Passover items as well. I’ll be there tweeting and eating, come find me @primetimeparent and let me know what you think of the new shopping experience.

In the last couple of months, a new restaurant has joined the kosher scene on Main Street as well.  The night I was supposed to get out with the moms from playgroup I fell asleep putting my kids to sleep. I spoke to them as they had just received a complimentary order of  bruchetta with parmesean toasts. They loved the food and said that the entries were large and delicious. The decor was new and fresh. This restaurant also has amazing takeout pizza with a price that we love. That is our new Sunday night place for pizza and the kids love it.  My friends also tried out their sushi and eggplant parmesan, which was grilled instead of fried because that is how she wanted it. 

If you are on your way to La Guardia Airport or taking the kids to the New York Hall of Science, definitely stop off on Main Street and let us know what your favorite kosher restaurant is!



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Kosher Cuisine, What Does It All Mean?

While I was awake in the early hours of Shabbos, I had some great ideas about how to help my friends and family that don’t keep kosher understand my dietary choices. I will be traveling a lot with my family this summer and that means that the conveniences of New York kosher cuisine won’t be as plentiful. So, what is a kosher observant family supposed to do when traveling out of the “kosher zone”?

First of all, it is important to understand the laws of keeping kosher. Some families have been keeping kosher for decades; others have been keeping kosher for a week. Personally, I started keeping kosher in September 2001. Before then, I ate everything and everywhere my heart desired. It was my journey of Jewish re-discovery that I was introduced to the kosher cuisine that would change my eating habits from that day forward. Like many Jewish American families, I associated kosher food with Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Passover. It was at those times of the year that the kitchen in my house was taken over by brands like Manischewits and Streits. My mom would “put up” the most amazing chicken soup with the fluffiest matzo balls I’ve ever eaten. The oven would overflow with the smells of brisket, kishke, and tzimmus. My family and I would make our annual journey to the kosher bakeries in Skokie and stock up on honey cake and boubka. I loved these times of the year. Even though I wasn’t raised in a kosher home nor one that kept Shabbos, it was the effort of my family to share these holidays in full force that made me the Jewish mom that I am now.

Even though things are different today and I now keep kosher religiously and observe Shabbos every week, my extended family does not. It doesn’t make me love them any less; in fact I love them even more. I just have to prepare my own food plan for my husband and children in advance. This is nothing new for people that have certain food allergies, suffer from lactose intolerance, diabetes, and vegetarians. Just because I don’t eat your food doesn’t mean I don’t love you!

While the laws of keeping kosher may seem limiting to most people, it made perfect sense to me. It is not as hard or isolating as people think, and it’s even good for you. I have attached some links that I find helpful in my attempt to explain my food requirements to people that feel that I have gone off the “creep end”. I am still the same me, I just eat differently and here are some reasons why:

I stumbled upon JewFAQBlog  a weblog commenting on news and events.  As rabbi/humorist Jack Moline noted, “Everyone who keeps kosher will tell you that his version is the only correct version. Everyone else is either a fanatic or a heretic.” (Growing Up Jewish, 1987).

Kosher Links that will satisfy your kosher curiosity include  The Orthodox UnionStar-K Kosher Certification, and KosherQuest.  Has a member of your family become kosher recently? How has this affected family occasions?


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Look Who’s Keeping Kosher in Chollywood

I have always had an interest in Jewish celebrities, because long before they were celebrities, they were Jewish kids like you and I once were.  Did Adam Lambert celebrate Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Passover? Did David Schwimmer sing the four questions at the Passover meal? Did Jami Gertz Light the Chanukah Menorah? Have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Maybe the reverse happened, i.e., they grew up Jewish but only later in life decided to observe holidays, Kashrut, Shabbos, and/or Tahara Mishpacha (laws of family purity). Are any Challiwood Jews keeping kosher?

In a recent post on, Matthue Roth shared his recent interview with Jewish actor,  Mayim Bialyik,   (Blossom) and she shared with him her connection to her Jewish roots. And, yes. She takes a dunk in the mikveh once a month (Tahara Mishpacha).   As a Baale Teshuva, I am facinated on the subject of why Jewish actors are digging up their Jewish roots and re-planting them very near and dear to their own lives.

Read more about Mayim Bialik and her Jewish re-discovery here. You can also find an entertaining article on how Mayim met up with one of her Blossom fans to study Torah and become friends at JewInTheCity.

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Rise And Shine And Spring On Challah-lah-lah



Now that the Passover  dishes, knives, pots, haggadahs, cookbooks, sippy cups and baby bottles have been packed up and securely sealed until next year (unless we all end up in Jerusalem) I finally have some time to reflect.

First of all, I’d like to give a much needed honorable menschen to my DH; he really helped me out this year. Not only does he work his tushie off to support his 3 girls and 1 boy, he comes home after that and cooks up a storm. And he’s got some incredible recipes up those sleeves, let me tell you. Secondly, to my friends and my daughter’s friends. We all took turns hosting the playgroup; all homes were kept somewhat cleaner using this plan.

The first night we organized a Communal Passover Seder for singles and families at our shul. The Rabbi and his family led the Passover Seder while 51 adults participated. The food was delicious and plentiful (thank you Supersol) and the waiters kept our plates full. The second night (yes, we actually have two nights of all of this eating and drinking) we hosted 5 adults and 4 kids. The kids participated and read from their individual Haggadahs they made in school. That was the most memorable, and worth every penny of their tuition.

This year, the second day of Passover ended as Shabbat began (in other words, we had to have all our meals prepared for Shabbos in advance). I was without my twitter, blogs, and facebook for almost 5 days, wow. After sundown on Shabbos, the in-between days, or Chol-HaMoed started. Chol-HaMoed actually translates to”weekdays of the festival”. A lot of families travel to amusement parks during this time, so from Sunday to Tuesday, people were on the move. We drove to our friends in Highland Park, New Jersey, Tuesday afternoon. They were brave enough to host our family of 5, along with their family of 5. That is an entire separate blog post. So, we ate our last Matzos and potato starch cakes (I think I gained at least 10 lbs. this Passover) and were on our way back home. 

Before you could say Challah, our kitchen was transformed from the chometz free zone to the chometz zone. A favorite custom of mine (since I got married and learned about it) is “Schlissel Challah”. In other words, take a key and bake it into a challah, which is a Segulah (sign, symbol,  or treasure that can lead to something which is desired).  On I found this user friendly statement most appropriate for explanatory purposes:

At this time of year, right after Pesach, we ask G-d to recall how He opened the gates of sustenance for the entire nation of Israel in the days of Joshua after Pesach. By impressing a key into our challah, we are asking that we too should have the key we need to open the gates of sustenance properly placed and turned for us. The “schlissel,” which is the Yiddish word for “key,” should unlock the gates of sustenance for us just as it was for the nation of Israel after their first Pesach in the promised land.

Isn’t that a nice connection to the key in the challah? I thought so. I hope that this key will open the once known routine of napping and sleeping (my kids are so off their schedules). I’m also off my schedule, as I have not posted, tweeted, or facebooked in a very long time.

As we all have a renewed appreciation for baking with flour, I checked out an ad looking at me from Cafemom (social networking site for moms) and clicked on the link to Betty Crocker. Besides the Make A Wish contest currently in process, there is a Betty Crocker Kitchen Blog on their site as well. When I saw the word “Kosher” and “Guest Blogger” linked together, I immediately wanted to learn more about Jill Colella Bloomfield . You will love what she has to suggest for picky eaters.


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Passover Is Gluten-Free Fabulous

pesach-2009-017pesach-2009-0141I am obsessed with Kosher food products. It is way past my bedtime, but I saw a tweet that I liked so I clicked on the link and here I am writing a post about. If you are Gluten-Free and keep Kosher, you won’t want to miss what Glutenfreegosip has to post, especially about the matzo. There are Gluten-Free matzos available (I only know this because my friend’s daughter has to eat only Gluten-Free). There are so many, delicious and Kosher products available, and they’re yummy. In fact, we received the most delicious, Gluten-Free, Kosher For Passover cookies from Oh It couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time (all our regular cookies and snacks were gone) as we were stuck inside on a rainy day with nothing to make cookies with in the house. My daughters and I were so happy when we found not one, but five boxes of delicious Kosher Pareve Gluten-Free cookies. Oh Nuts does a fantastic job of wrapping their deliveries, we’ve never received anything damaged or open.  So, the next time you want to send something to a fiend that is Kosher, you wont’ want to miss what Oh Nuts has in stock.

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Whoever Is Hungry Let Them Come To A Seder In Queens

If you’re not sure where to go the first night of Passover, you are not alone. Come join the Queens Annual Communal Seder.You will enjoy fresh, delicious food, overflowing beverages, storytelling, and a lively arrangement of your favorite Pesach songs. Your kids will love it too!

Start Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 8:15 PM; End Time: Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 12:15 AM. Adults $38 / Kids $26; Sponsorships available. If cost is an issue, please don’t stay away. For more information and to make a reservation leave a comment below or sned an email to

For a list of more Communal Passover Seders, check out: Orthodox Union, NJOP, and Chabad,


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Just In Time For Passover: Susie Fishbein’s Passover By Design

kosherbydesignSusie Fishbein, author of Kosher By Design will make our Passover easier this year with her Passover By Design book available now. Go to and save 20%. This book also includes over 130 gluten-free recipes which makes this a must have for those on a gluten-free diet.

For more information on Susie Fishbein and upcoming live appearances, go to

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